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Global Wrestling Federation
GWF Superstars
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Pittsburg, KS
Match #1  "Untouchable" Mitch Carter (d) Fuel
Match #2  Joey T (d) Yukon Eric Jr (d) Cade Sydal
Match #3  Punisher (d) Anarchy    GWF Cruiserweight Championship
Match #4  Angel (d) Magnum XL
Match #5  Brandon Groom (d) Running Wolff
Match #6  Joey T (d) Fuel    Battle Royal Match to determined GWF World Champion

Capital Punishment
Pittsburg, KS
Match #1: Running Wolf beat Yukon Eric, Jr. by DQ
Match #2: Kamille (GWF World Women's Champ) fought La Travisa to a time limit draw.
Match #3: Joey T. pinned Magnum XL
Match #4: Anarchy beat Korpse in a match to determine the #1 contender for The GWF Cruiserweight Title held by The Punisher.
Match #5: Magnum XL and Yukon Eric, Jr. defeated Running Wolf and Joey T. .
Match #6: Angel defeated Fuel to retain The GWF US Title.

Midwest Havoc
Pittsburg, KS
Match 1:  Fuel def. Kamille
Match 2:  Thorn def. Albernator
Match 3:  Tanker def. Osiris
Match 4:  East/West Connection def Innvators (Tag Team Championship)
Match 5:  Angel def. Joey T (US Championship)
Match 6:  Shadow def. K-9 Scrappy (World Championship)

January 15, 2005
New Years Clash
Match 1:  Shadow def Magnum XL
Match 2: La Travista def Kamille
Match 3: Gaulent Match for Cruiserweight Championship
1.   Punisher
2.  Albernator
3.  Anarchy
4.  Fuel
5.  Korpse
Winner:  Punisher def Fuel
Match 4: Fuel, La Travista def Kamille,Kewsitus
Match 5:  Kamille def Fuel
World Championship
Match 6:  K-9 Scrappy def Tanker
Match 7: Battle Royal for United States Championship
1. Angel
2. Shadow
3. Running Wolff
4. Joey T.
5. Kewsitus
Winner:  Angel


Match 1: 
GWF Cruiserweight Title
Korpse (v) (C) "Handsome" Brandon Tripod
winner:  "Handsome Brandon Tripod
Match 2:
Thomas Thorn (v) Angel
winner:  Angel
Match 3:
GWF Tag Team Titles
(c) Anarchy, Fuel (v) "Da Playboy" Christoper Martinez, Twist
winner:  Anarchy, Fuel
Match 4:
Tanker (v) Punisher
winner: Tanker
Match 5:
Kammile (v) Fayeling
winner:  Kammile
Match 6:
Lord Steven Lord (v) Running Wolf
winner:  Lord Steven Lord
Match 7:
Brandon Groom (v) Shadow
Double DQ
Match 8: 
GWF World Championship
(c) K-9 Scrappy (v) Kewsitus
winner: K-9 Scrappy